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You Are Enough

The You Are Enough Project was set up by MoonChild and our good friend Elaine from elainevictoriadesigns.co.uk to raise awareness and money for Mind, the mental health charity, with the message that you are strong enough, you are smart enough, you are pretty enough, and you are loved. So please hold on.

Mind is a charity that helps to raise awareness of mental health issues. 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from a mental health issue this year yet it is still an issue with so much stigma attached.

Social media is now such a constant force in our lives, and while there are so many positive impacts, constant comparisons with others lives have also brought about increased feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, especially in young people.

We have designed a range of t-shirts and prints with 100% of profit going to Mind. You can buy the prints from elainevictoriadesigns.co.uk and the t-shirts on our site here.

We've also worked with mental health professionals in order to provide you with information and advice if you are looking for someone to talk to. You can view that here.

Please, hold on.